Smart Charging

Large-scale charging of commercial vehicles places greater demands on “smart” control to guarantee the operation of a transport system.

Through our innovative solution, we can manage dynamic load balancing, scheduling and prioritization based on many different parameters. We have support for optimizing charging linked to capacity limitations, electricity price or driving schedule.

Smart charging of commercial vehicles

A strength of our system is that we enable scheduling and prioritization of vehicles to ensure that the right vehicle gets the right charge at the right time. Our solution is independent of which supplier of chargers is used and we can combine different types of make in the same facility.

The system is developed based on requirements, wishes and in collaboration with some of the world’s leading transport operators and vehicle suppliers.


We enable large-scale electric vehicle charging despite capacity limitations in the power grid!

Recap Power

New revenues

Our smart management enables new revenues from the flexibility and support services market.

By creating a predicted behavior, we can adapt the charging to the needs of the electricity grid and offer flexibility from charging systems and to support the electricity grid.