Flexibility services

Recap Power is a flexibility provider and aggregator that controls and optimizes the use of flexible energy resources such as solar, wind and hydropower, battery systems, vehicle chargers, heat pumps, cooling plants and various industrial machines and processes.

Through smart control, we free up capacity and create flexibility that creates value in the form of energy savings, the opportunity to increase production, increase the number of electric vehicles and revenue from energy markets for support services and flexibility.

We create opportunities for new income

By offering capacity and flexibility to the electricity grid to support both local electricity grids and balance the national electricity grid, via support services to Svenska Kraftnät, we create new revenue streams that we share with our customers.

The unique thing about our solution is that we can manage both local services such as e.g. spot price optimization and power peak creation with support services and local flexibility markets.

Our customers include property owners, vehicle operators, parking operators, electricity grid companies, municipalities and regions.


The energy system of the future requires flexibility and controllable capacity from both producing and consuming energy resources.

Recap Power