Batteries - an important component of the energy system

Lack of capacity in the electricity grid limits electrification, energy transition, company expansion possibilities but also regional and national development. With the help of battery systems, we can solve this problem, and batteries and other types of energy storage form an important piece of the puzzle in the fossil-free, renewable energy system of the future.

Batteries solve capacity problems and create new revenue.

3,3 MW

Battery As A Service

Through our uniqueBattery As A Service concept, we offer capacity from customized battery solutions per hour. This means that our customers can choose how many and which hours they want capacity without having to make the investment for the battery system themselves.

Vwe deliver Battery As A Service to electricity grid companies (DSOs) to strengthen parts of local electricity grids and cut expensive power peaks against regional grids. The service contributes to continued regional development and also to more people being able to connect renewable energy production.

In industry and the transport sector, our batteries contribute to enable large-scale charging of electric vehicles and enable increased production and growth without power grid reinforcements.


"Our customers only pay for the hours they actually need capacity from batteries."

Recap Energy

Increase the value of your property

Landowners and property owners can create new revenue streams and increase the value of their properties and land by leasing land to install battery systems.
Battery systems can also contribute to better energy classification of properties, which enables Green Mortgages and increases the value of properties.

We lease land and offer a long-term and economically advantageous agreement.