In the role of aggregator or flexibility provider, we take responsibility for monitoring, controlling and optimizing our customers’ energy resources. By combining many smaller resources, we build portfolios of capacity and flexibility that we offer to energy markets and generate revenue that we share with the resource owners.

The purpose of our service is to maximize the benefit of our customers’ resources and reduce energy costs, free up capacity that can be used for other activities or create new revenue streams from support services and flexibility markets.


Our proprietary smart energy management system (EMS), Nebula, is the market leader when it comes to so-called service stacking and designed from the ground up to manage and optimize energy resources to enable the delivery of many different services.

From a battery system, these services can include spot price optimization, power peak creation, flexibility services to local network owners and support services to Svenska Kraftnät. As well as the combination of these that maximizes the benefit and profit from an investment in battery systems and other controllable energy resources such as vehicle chargers, heat pumps and energy production.


"The aim is to maximize the benefit of our customers' resources by lowering energy costs and creating new revenue."

Jonas Thyni, Managing Director Recap Power

Nebula - The control room

The customer can via the control room monitor their facilities and their energy resources that are aggregated.


Selection of functions:
  • Overview of the status of facilities and energy resources
  • Upcoming activation/deactivation of resources
  • Ability to plan and specify when resources are available to act on flex and support services markets
  • Ability to plan and specify when resources should be used for peak shaving
  • Ability to schedule and specify when the resource is unavailable (Manual shutdown, etc.)
  • Ability to see when the resources are available and if they are polled
  • History of how and when the resources are called and activated
  • History of money earned by facility, resource and total.