We create flexibility and free up capacity

Our services enable electrification, contribute to the energy transition, create energy savings and new revenues.

Recap Power

Recap Power started in 2018 under the name Tvinn, with a vision to create solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future. In order to meet our environmental goals, the energy issue is absolutely the most important. Therefore, we chose to use our technical expertise and long experience to develop a component that we saw was missing to deal with capacity problems in the power grid.

Capacity problems hinder electrification, energy transition, growth and local, regional and national development. The problem became clear with the large-scale electrification of commercial vehicles, which must be guaranteed charging to enable their transport missions. Smart control and optimization can solve some capacity problems, but at other times reinforcement is needed in the form of capacity from stationary batteries. The challenge we saw was to control both the charging of vehicles but also optimize the use of stationary batteries in combination with local energy production and also support the electricity grid. We identified that a critical component was missing to handle this difficult equation, and there Nebula was born.

In collaboration with leading universities, successful international companies and innovative start-up companies, we work in international innovation projects with smart charging, Micro Grid and smart battery systems.

We have been active in flex markets and contributed flexibility and capacity to the electricity grid since 2021.

Recap Power

More about us

Since June 2022, Tvinn has been part of the Recap Energy group.
Recap has around 50 employees and operations in 6 countries. With the merger with Recap Energy, Tvinnchange its name to Recap Power.

Within the group there is extensive experience and solid competence regarding the design and operation of solar energy plants and battery systems (“BESS”). The Recap Group offers Flexibility Services, Energy As A Service and Battery As A Service to industrial customers and DSOs.

Our solutions and services must support the energy transition, electrification and the transition to a fossil-free society.